The science of nutrigenomics

The influence of diet on performance will depend on your genetic makeup

Due to genetic variations among individuals, each person could respond differently to diet and supplementation. Nutritional genomics (Nutrigenomics) is the science studying the relationship between human genome, nutrition and health. As such it also seeks to provide a molecular understanding of how common chemicals in the diet affect health and performance by altering the expression of genes and the structure of an individual’s genome.


We only use high quality ingredients from European suppliers. This way you are guaranteed a supplement free of contaminants that could negatively affect your performance as well as your stomach and intestines. Moreover, to guarantee you a 100% doping-free product all of our supplements are batch-controlled.

Our Story


Based on science, there is a huge potential for dietary supplements that take into account DNA and the way your body deals with nutrients. The impact of food on the functioning of our body is still too often underestimated. 4GOLD sees merit in introducing this concept to the world of sports.

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