Alberto Contador

Former pro-cyclist & Multiple Grand Tour winner

After months of testing the products I’m really happy to be part of 4Gold and to share the ambassadorial status with Mathieu. Although you leave professional cycling, in the end you train just as much or more than when you were active. With high quality products of 4Gold, you can perform at your best!


World record holder 20km & second fastest European ever on the marathon

It is time I believe that I can win gold at championships and that all the sacrifices and hard work will pay off in the end. So maybe there’s a certain symbolism in my collaboration with this upcoming brand. I am also sure that their specific knowledge can benefit my performances. 

Kirsten Flipkens

Semi finalist at Wimbledon & former top 13 player on the WTA rankings

After intensively testing the 4Gold products, I joined forces with them because I support their products and vision for 200%. As a top athlete you want to get the best out of yourself, and that’s where 4Gold definitely adds value for me. We share the same vision, passion and drive for the profession and the fact that the products are plant-based is also a great added value!

Jamie Riddle

South African triathlete

Triathlon is about inches. The difference between winning and losing can be the matter of seconds. That is why I have partnered up with 4Gold nutrition. A brand that combines science, innovation and meaning to formulate the best possible pre, during and post workout supplements. 4Gold leaves no room for error using accurate DNA based testing to ensure their athletes are equipped with the tools to reach their maximum potential. I have full faith that what I’m consuming is truly feeding the lion inside me.

Benoit Paturel

French motocross rider

I chose 4Gold because it’s one of the best brands on the world market, it’s very high quality products that help me to recover and stay at the top all year round. In addition to that 4Gold has a very professional image, so I am very happy to be part of their athletes. My favorite product is the Recovery, a reference to recover after a heavy workout.

Jens Schuermans

3-time Belgian champion MTB XC

I am constantly striving to become the best. From the companies I work with, I expect them to constantly strive to become better as well. 4Gold was able to convince me fairly quickly because of their scientific approach, quality products and their values. These fit perfectly with who I am as a person.


Belgian motocross rider

As a MX rider we train a lot in different countries and circumstances. I believe in 4Gold to support me optimally and to achieve beautiful things step by step. They convinced me with their scientific DNA based approach and qualitative good tasting supplements. I truly believe they are the right partner to reach my full potential.

 Justine Vanhaevermaet

Professional soccer player & Belgian Red Flame

I have been using 4Gold products for the past year and a half and my performances have skyrocketed. I strongly believe in the influence of nutrition and the right supplementation on performances and recovery. As a professional football player in a competitive environment, I want to start a training or match in the best shape every day. Immediately attracted to the innovative vision of 4Gold, I can perfectly manage that. Only the best is good enough!


Australian motocross rider

As a motocross athlete, I know that recovery is one of the most important things to help me perform at my best day in day out. That’s why I choose 4Gold, because I want to partner myself with people that supply me with the best products to keep me feeling in tip top shape. So obviously to have 4Gold on my side I see as a huge benefit which will help me do my job the best I possibly can. Thanks team!




Belgian professional cycling team

marc vds racing team

marc vds racing team

3-times world champion Moto2

Team NXTG Racing

Team NXTG Racing

Belgian professional U23 cycling team

Athletes for hope

Athletes for hope

Belgian development team with a purpose

S-Bikes Agu

S-Bikes Agu

Cycling team

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