4GOLD is the official nutrition partner of GFAC
Thanks for signing up for the Gran Fondo Alberto Contador! Already since 2021, 4GOLD has been the official sports nutrition partner of the GFAC. In addition, we have been working with Alberto himself for some time. He contacted us in 2020 when he wanted to undertake his Everesting attempt. He succeeded in his attempt and was so satisfied with our products that he wanted a collaboration.

So during this year's Gran Fondo, you will also get to know our products, which will be at every feeding station. Below we will explain the ideal nutrition plan you can use during the Gran Fondo to provide you with the energy you need. You can also order our products, which will be present at the Gran Fondo, so you can test them beforehand on training, so there will be no surprises on the big day itself!
To complete the Gran Fondo, we calculate that you will need about 90g of carbohydrates per hour.
To get through the first 2 hours, we recommend 60grams of High Carb on 500ml of water, supplemented with an Isotonic Gel or a Plant Based Energy Bar. If you prefer a gel, you can take 2x an Isotonic Gel, if you prefer something to chew on, you can take 2x a Plant Based Energy Bar.
Note that you will only arrive at the first feed station after 54km (about 2 hours), so you will have to bring your own food for the first 2 hours.

From the third hour, we switch to our Isotonic drink, the Carbo Electro. This will be available in the feed stations. This is also where it's best to take a High Carb Energy Bar and an Isotonic Gel. You can then eat these over the next hour.

An hour later (KM 84), you will arrive at the 2nd feed station. Here you can fill another water bottle with Carbo Electro and take an Isotonic Gel and a High Carb Energy Bar.
Then you're already over halfway and it's still 24km to the last feed station. There you should take your feed for the last 40km.

Remember that the last stretch is still tricky, with the Port de la Vall D'Ebo. To tackle this climb, we recommend taking a Caffeine Gel. Also take an Isotonic Gel and a full bottle of Carbo Electro. The final climb is followed by a long descent, keep eating and drinking well here as the final stretch is with open plains and lots of wind. This should provide you with all the nutrients you need to succesfully finish the Gran Fondo Albert Contador!

If you want to, you can order all the products mentioned in the nutrition plan, on the bottom of this page. Don't forget to use the discount code GFAC#15 for 15% off!

You can download the nutrition plan here here.
4GOLD is actually more of a technology company. Technology that has its ground in DNA, but we also develop technological marvels in addition to that. Last year, for instance, we developed and marketed LiFT. LiFT is unique because it is the first fat worldwide, which can be used directly as an energy source during exercise. So besides carbohydrates, we have discovered a 2nd energy source. So do you want to get the most out of yourself during the Gran Fondo? Then LiFT can be used as an extra energy source, in addition to the carbohydrate strategy above. You can compare it to a car getting an extra petrol tank. It will be able to drive harder and for a longer time before it runs out of fuel. More info on LiFT itself can be found on the product page.