Don’t settle for good, when it’s not good enough.
Don’t settle for average, when you’re made for greatness.
Don’t settle for silver, when you’re aiming for gold.



As former and current athletes we know all about the importance of quality food supplements. Based on our own experiences we started developing our own products in cooperation with a team of scientists.

“99% is not enough”

Little things can make the difference between winning or losing. For this reason, we only use the best ingredients, such as the worlds fastest absorbable di- and tripeptides or the best creatine, omega 3 or spirulina on the market. We source our ingredients from European partners. They undergo extensive quality control. We work with natural ingredients and natural flavours like fermented watermelon. We also use algae, grown in organic bioreactors to avoid contamination from polluted seawater. All these steps…, all these choices… with only one thing in mind: to create supplements that are of the highest achievable quality.



The current scientific insights in fields like biochemics and sport physiology are an ocean apart from the current best practices in sports nutrition. To close that gap, 4Gold has teamed up with a large group of scientists, academics and researchers in the field of (bio)chemics, physiology, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, microbiology and epigenetics to feel the pulse of the newest scientific breakthroughs. The combined expertise of all those minds led to the development of the 4Gold sport supplement range with several patented products and formulations.

Nutrigenomic supplements

We saw the potential in nutrigenomic supplements, because the impact of nutrition on the functioning of our body is still regularly underestimated. Equally with this potential to adapt your diet and supplementation to your DNA we saw the opportunity to introduce this to the world of sports. We believed that by researching and developing this kind of supplements, we could significantly improve an athlete’s performance and recovery. 4Gold is the first brand in the world to make nutrigenomic sport supplements available for athletes. Finally, we came up with our patented Nutrigenomic Recovery and Gut Support.

DNA analysis

We couldn’t call ourselves 4Gold, if we didn’t go one step further. Therefore, we created a unique DNA analysis tool which examines the link between an athlete’s DNA and the impact of certain nutrients on the body’s performance. For example, you may have a genetic variant which means that protein supplementation is less recommended for you or whether you need extra or just less stimulation from caffeine. The results of this tool will allow you to make more informed choices regarding your diet and supplementation requirements.


From our own experience we know that top athletes are frequently tested on banned and performance-enhancing products. Because of these strict controls, athletes want the guarantee that their supplements are 100% free of doping. In addition, they expect healthy products that do no harm to their bodies. Supplements should therefore contain no residues of antibiotics, solvents, heavy-metals or pesticides.

“100% clean and doping-free”

Because we want athletes to trust our supplements blindly, 4Gold provides full transparency through batch control. What does such a control mean?

After being checked in batches by a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lab, our products receive a batch report and batch number. Checking your product’s batch number on our website, will provide customers direct access to the corresponding batch reports. This way you, as an athlete, can be sure that your supplement is 100% in accordance with the applicable doping regulations.



Just as you want to become better every day, we demand it from ourselves too.

“Creating the best possible products while respecting the environment”

Next to quality, sustainabilty is also very important to us and we develop our products around that belief.

How do we do that?

  • We use innovative PET solutions that also afterwards can be recycled again. The light weight of PET makes its production and transportation easier. Due to this, our supplier can reduce the carbon emission during production, which is an important effort towards environmental protection.
  • We try to use cardboard boxes that are certified with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) material. A product that carries this kind of label, takes care of a better management of the worldwide forest resources.
  • We work with local partners, this way we can keep the transport cost as low as possible. For example, all our products are made in the Benelux and we work together with a local E-Fulfilment partner.
  • In the search to ingredients we want to work as natural as possible. We work with natural flavours like fermented watermelon or real coffee, but it goes further. Our chocolate flavour comes from the Belgian firm Callebaut and it’s even Fairtrade. 
  • Our products are produced with strict policies against animal testing.
  • We aim to produce plant-based products. As an alternative source of protein, we use algae grown by solar energy in organic bioreactors to prevent pollution from polluted seawater and even more so this whole process is CO2-neutral.
  • We try to print as little as possible. We have an online document sharing tool for our employees, communication with customers and suppliers is by phone or mail.

It was a logical and conscious choice for us to sell our products exclusively online. We have four simple reasons for our direct sales model:

• Accessability
Thanks to this sales model, we make our groundbreaking, high-quality supplements accessible to everyone.

• The best product for a competitive price
We only sell direct to you so you pay a fair price for a high-quality and evidence-based product without the intervention of third parties (distributors, sellers,…).

• No fees, just the production costs
Because we don’t have to pay fees, we can invest more in research and development. By doing that we remain a pioneer in our field of expertise.

• Direct sales means direct contact
Do you have any questions? Do you need some advice or information? Due to this model we can give you a great customer experience.


Brent’s professional cycling carreer was cut short because of Crohn’s disease. As such he knows how important gut health is. From his own belief, he is convinced that a healthy intestinal flora is crucial for staying strong and healthy during physical efforts. 

“Gut health is the key to overall health”

Axel broke his neck after a crash with his motor and because of the many painkillers he had to use during his rehabilitation, he now experiences a lot of stomach problems. He as well knows that easy-to-absorb sports nutrition can make a difference between winning or losing.

For these reasons, we believe supplements must be free of contaminants that could negatively affect your performance as well as your stomach and intestines. In the choice of each single ingredient, not only the quality is important, but also the effect on your health. 


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