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We are currently shipping to all the countries listed below.
We are working hard to get more countries on that list. Feel free to contact us if your country is not yet listed, we’ll see if we can work something out.

Country Code Free shipping from (€) * Shipping cost (€) * Delivery time estimate **
Australia AU From 32,19 4-11 days
Austria AT 75 7,99 3 days
Belgium BE 30 5,29 1 day
Bulgaria BG 150 14,99 1-6 days
Canada CA 250 From 11,20 2-9 days
Colombia CO From 32,19 3-11 days
Czech Republic CZ 75 9,99 2-3 days
Denmark DK 50 6,99 2-4 days
Estonia EE 100 14,99 3-4 days
Finland FI 100 14,99 1-6 days
France FR 50 7,99 2-4 days
Germany DE 50 5,99 2 days
Greece GR 150 19,99 3-6 days
Hungary HU 150 14,99 2-3 days
Indonesia ID From 32,19 2-6 days
Ireland IE 150 14,99 3-4 days
Italy IT 75 9,99 1-6 days
Japan JP From 32,19 2-6 days
Latvia LV 150 14,99 1-6 days
Lithuania LT 150 14,99 1-6 days
Luxembourg LU 50 7,99 1-6 days
Netherlands NL 30 4,99 1 day
New Zealand NZ From 32,19 4-11 days
Norway NO 200 From 9,99 1-12 days
Poland PL 75 9,99 3 days
Portugal PT 150 14,99 1-6 days
– Madeira & Acores From 36 4-11 days
Romania RO 150 14,99 1-6 days
Singapore SG From 32,19 2-6 days
Slovakia SK 100 14,99 2-3 days
Slovenia SI 150 14,99 2-3 days
South Africa ZA From 32,19 4-11 days
Spain ES 75 From 13,99 1-6 days
– Canary Islands 250 From 32 4-11 days
Sweden SE 100 9,99 2-5 days
Switzerland CH 250 From 9,99 1-6 days
United Arab Emirates AE From 32,19 2-5 days
United Kingdom UK 100 14,99 1-6 days
United States US 250 From 11,20 2-9 days

* Even though we work hard to keep this list up to date, there could be a difference with the shipping price asked at checkout. In this case the shipping price on the checkout page will prevail.

** These are estimated times communicated to us by the shipping companies.



Any order from outside the European Union can be subject to various taxes upon arrival in destination country, these taxes are not prepaid. The customer will be fully responsible for the payment of these taxes.

Customs duties

When you ship goods between countries or customs territories, import duties or customs duties are levied on those goods. These duties are calculated based on the nature and value of the goods, the shipping costs and other factors.
If your country charges import duties, you are responsible for paying them to the appropriate authorities.
All of our orders are shipped from the European Economic Zone. If your order is delivered within this zone, you will not be required to pay import duties.

If you are asked to pay import duties within the EEZ, please contact us.

Not sure if you will have to pay import duties? Please contact your local customs office.

What if I don’t pay these import duties?
If you don’t want to pay import duties for whatever reason, your package will return to us and you can apply for a refund. We can then still deduct the shipping costs and an administrative fee.

High-tech warehouse for faster shipping

Check out how we use advanced technology to get you order shipped out faster:

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