Green Fuel

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  • Includes a unique composition of more than 50 organic superfoods to provide your body with all the necessary micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and phyto-nutrients from natural sources
  • An innovative variant of a classic multivitamin supplement
  • Contains locally sourced Chlorella and Spirulina
  • Contains Ashwagandha, Ginko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Panax Ginseng, Evening Primrose, etc.
  • Contains Resveratrol* and EGCG*
  • VEGAN and Organic certified

* Resveratrol and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (or EGCG) are generally accepted as a nutrigenomic nutrients:

WEIGHT: 450 grams (= 15 servings)

DOSAGE: 1 or 2 scoops with 250-500ml of water per day. When using Greens for the first time, try them with pineapple juice, apple juice or in a smoothie. Look at our suggested use page for more information.

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14 reviews for Green Fuel

  1. Timo Opdebeeck verified owner

    Geweldig produkt, de smaak is wel funky maar dat went wel, ik gebruik het s morgens in een smoothie met rood fruit, verse gember, verse banaan, water en een paar scheppen kukuma

  2. Ermanno Laneve verified owner

    The smell doesn’t look good but mixed with pineapple juice isn’t all that bad. I can say I’ve felt better since I use it. Advised.

  3. Johny Steenssens verified owner

    Je beoordeling *

  4. Vic De Wee verified owner

    Feels like it’s working for me, so I would recommend it. However, I don’t like the taste, also when mixing it. When the bottle is empty I will have to look for alternatives. This taste is just not a great start every morning.

  5. Ann Coen verified owner

    Ik gebruik dit al enkele maanden elke ochtend op de nuchtere maag en voel me er goed bij. Alleen de smaak blijft wel een issue … geraak ik echt niet gewoon aan. Ik neem het nu met soja met kokos en amandel en dan is het te doen ūüėČ Maar voor de rest een absolute aanrader!

  6. Paul Nagel verified owner

    Der Geschmack ist anfangs etwas gew√∂hnungsbed√ľrftig.
    Ich nehme es nach dem Aufstehen und f√ľhle mich damit munterer und fitter

  7. Dieter Van Lierde verified owner

    De smaak is zeker wennen in het begin, geprobeerd met ananassap en appelsap en met appelsap valt hij zeker goed mee. Heel makkelijk dat je zoveel goeds in 1 keer binnenkrijgt hiermee. Neem het dagelijks bij het ontbijt in.

  8. Kevin Pappyn verified owner

    Werkt beter dan andere merken.
    Ik raak jammer genoeg niet gewend aan de smaak, ook met ananassap.
    In één keer uitdrinken is bij mij de enige manier.

  9. Harrie van Valderen verified owner

    Sinds een aantal maanden gebruik ik dit product als toevoeging aan mijn normale eten. Aan de smaak was ik snel gewend en het is een mooie portie extra vitaminen

  10. Kurt Havelaerts verified owner

    Een goed werkend product , voel me fitter ! Alleen jammer van de smaak , met een beetje appelsap gaat het wel !

  11. Ralf Remer verified owner

    Initially, I didn‚Äėt like it and the taste. However, after a week or so I actually liked the taste, which seems to prove that my body needs it. I am taking half of recommended daily portion. I am having it for breakfast.
    My DNA analysis also showed that I can profit from it (but it has already been part of my daily nutrition by then).

  12. valentin verified owner

    Quel produit, tout en un ! J’ai ressenti le regain d’√©nergie aussi bien sur le v√©lo avec plus de force et de tonicit√© que dans la vie de tous les jours, et cela apr√®s 15jours d’utilisation. Je recommande, de la qualit√©, naturel √† prix raisonnable. Merci

  13. Robin

    Amazing product !

  14. Robin Malevez

    Trés bon produit, je suis vraiment satisfait !

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The Green Fuel is a concentrated source of micronutrients and a complex mixture of plant preparations, therefore it is much more than a ‚Äėclassic‚Äô multivitamin preparation.


Some health benefits from the vitamin & mineral content of the Green Fuel:

  • contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes and normal muscle function
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and energy-yielding metabolism
  • contributes to normal skin pigmentation and normal function of the immune system
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and normal teeth
  • contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and normal vision
  • contributes to the normal function of the heart
  • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal protein and glycogen metabolism
  • has a role in the process of cell division
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes, normal red blood cells, normal skin and normal vision
  • contributes to normal mental performance
  • contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, normal mucous membranes and normal skin
  • has a role in the process of cell division
  • and many more…


Green Fuel is Vegan and organic certified. 

The Green Fuel is intended to supplement your recommended daily dose of fruit and vegetables. It is a food supplement in powder that has been developed as an addition to the normal diet.

INGREDIENTS: Spirulina Platensis, Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck, Pea Protein Isolate, Pumpkin Seed Protein Flour de-oiled, Sunflower Protein Flour de-oiled, Carica Papaya (Papaya), Ananas comosus (Pineapple), Omega 6 (GLA) (from Evening Primrose), Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze (Green Tea), Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola), Zingiber officinale Roscoe (Ginger), Ginkgo Biloba L., Vitis vinifera (Grape seed), Panax ginseng C.A.Meyer, Paullinia Cupana (Guarana), Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha), Curcuma longa L.(Turmeric), Omega 3 (from Algae), Choline Bitartrate., Medicago sativa L.(Alfalfa), Hordeum vulgare L. (Barley Grass) , Brassica oleracea L. (Kale), Avena sativa L. (Oat Grass), Spinacia oleracea (Spinach), Triticum aestivum L. (Wheat Grass), Phyllanthus emblica L. (Amla Fruit), Asparagus officinalis (Asparagus), Persea americana Mill. (Avocado), Beta Vulgaris (Red Beet), Vaccinium myrtillus ( Bilberry Juice), Cichorium endivia L. (Endive), Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum.& Nakai (Watermelon), Citrus x limon (L.) Osbeck (Lemon), Crambe maritima L. (Sea Kale), Crithmum maritimum L. (Sea Fennel), Cucumis sativus L. (Cucumber), Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. (Tomato), Malus domestica Borkh. (Apple), Garcinia mangostana. L. (Mangosteen), Pyrus communis L.( Pear ), Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C.Ag. (Kelp), Chicory Inuline, Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch (Konjac gum РGlucomannan), Fructo oligosacchariden, MGN-3-arabinoxylan (= hemicellulose B), Cynara scolymus L. (Artichoke), Foeniculum vulgare Mill. (Fennel), Urtica dioica (Great Nettle), Taraxacum campylodes G.E. Haglund (Dandelion), Astragalus membranaceus moench (Astragalus), Vitamin & Mineral mix (Calcium Lactate, Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, D-Biotin, Calcium L-Methylfolate, Ergocalciferol, Cyanocobalamin) Cocos nucifera, Sunflower lecithin (E322), Piper nigrum, Aloe Vera (L)Burm f


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 30g
Serving Per Container 15

Per serving Per 100g
Calories 106,64 kcal  355,47 kcal
Fat 2,70g 9g
Saturated fat 0,00g 0,00g
Carbohydrates   3,41g 11,37g
of which sugar 0,00g 0,00g
Protein                 12,20g 40,67g
Salt 1,25g 4,17g
Fibres                    11,19g 37,30g

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