DNA Analysis for 23andme raw data

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Alternatively, we also offer a Full package including DNA swipe kit and lab analysis (genotyping).

  • Discover what your DNA tells you about sports, health and nutrition
  • Clear report with useful insights
  • Interpretation by our specialists
  • Pay once and get lifetime updates on your DNA

DNA Analysis is available in following languages: English, Dutch, French (more languages coming soon).

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Your DNA is the genetic coding in which all of your hereditary traits have been passed on. The most common examples are the color of your eyes, hair color,… but it contains also a lot of information that determines your predisposition for certain sports, your metabolism of nutrients, etcetra. So your DNA can reveal a wealth of information that explains the unique functioning of your body.

With an analysis of your DNA we can decode that unique functioning for you. Afterwards you receive a personalized report with the insights you need to adapt your lifestyle in a purposeful way. With a DNA analysis you can start working towards a fitter and healthier life.


This genetic profile takes the guesswork out of your training routine. It gives you information related to your personal performance.

Endurance or Power

The ratio of muscle fibers in your muscles determines whether you have a genetic predisposition for endurance sports, strength sports or maybe you excel in both.

Building muscle mass

Find out if you have a genetic variant that will help you build muscle mass faster and more easily once you do strength training.

Training loadability

What about your potential to be under- or overtrained? How much training load you can handle depends on the extent to which your body deals with oxidative stress that disrupts the redox balance and thus your body’s resilience.


Discover your genetic capability to recover after heavy physical activities.


Every day we are exposed to factors and stimuli we need to be aware of in order to live a healthy and happy life.

This profile provides more insight into:

Motivation & stress

Do you learn from a positive or rather a negative experience? Are you more at risk of burn-out or bore-out? This panel gives you more insight into how your body deals with motivation, focus and stress.

Obesity risk

You’ll find out if you’re more likely to turn to calorie rich food and thus increase the risk of obesity.

Sensitivity to caffeine

Different genetic variants are in circulation that influence the speed at which your body can breakdown caffeine. Discover how sensitive you are to caffeine and other stimulants.

Sensitivity to fast sugars

Find out if you have genetic variations that might make you more sensitive to fast sugars.

Gut health

Do you have an increased need for fibre and intestinal support? This panel shows you if your gut needs extra support.

Lactose intolerance

This panel will tell you if you have the genetics for digestion of lactose in adulthood and will thus give you more information about your genetic predisposition to lactose intolerance.


A healthy and balanced diet is fundamental to achieve your health goals. How sensitive are you to nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

Gain insights on topics such as:

Carbohydrates sensitivity

Do you have genetic variants that might make you more sensitive to simple carbohydrates? Find out if you have a stronger need for complex carbohydrates.

Fat metabolism

Which genetic variants in your DNA affect the metabolism of fats? With this panel you get the answer.

Protein metabolism

Learn if your body has problems decomposing by-products of protein burning in your muscles. This insight can help you choose whether low-carb or ketogenic diets are healthy for you.

Minerals metabolisms (iron, zinc, magnesium...)

Due to certain genetic variations that are present, the metabolism of minerals can be disturbed and your body may have an extra need for minerals.

Vitamins metabolisms (C, D, K...)

Do you have genetic variants present in your DNA that interrupt the metabolism of several vitamins? This panel provides more insight into reasons for possible deficiencies.

Choline production

Find out if the production of choline by your body translates into a functional choline deficiency, which can lead to higher muscle breakdown during long intensive workouts.

And more...

Rigorous Scientific Validation

From genetic experts with international diplomas in nutrigenomics, our own scientific papers, to an intensive collaboration with several Belgian and internationally renowned universities, 4Gold has established itself as a leading player in the rapidly changing nutrigenomic science.

The DNA interpretation is based on more than thousand peer reviewed scientific papers from respectable journals and genetic data from sources like ClinVar*.

The rigorous scientific approach resulted in 3 world class patents in the domain of nutrigenomics.

*ClinVar is an archive of reports of the relationships among human variations and phenotypes, with supporting evidence.

Do you have questions about the DNA analysis? Please check  FAQ or contact us.

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