Can 4Gold supplements be seen as doping?

We guarantee the quality and purity of our products by setting the highest quality requirements in the sector. All our products are made in a sports-informed infastructure and are tested batch per batch.

Which products should I use?

All our products have a unique effect and have the best performance when taken together. We make products that work before, during and after your work out. For the exact intake of each product we would like to refer to our suggested use page.

From what age can I take the 4Gold supplements?

The intake of food supplements is not recommended for children under 12. Under 16, let your parents or trainer help you choose the right products.

Why do certain products have a granular structure?

This has to do with the world’s fastest absorbing di- and tripeptides. Use our golden shaker to prepare your shake optimally and you can also add a bit more water.

Why is my gut support powder black?

In order to create a balanced stool and good gut motility, some versions of the gut support contain a little bit of activated charcoal. This makes the whole powder black. So if your powder is black, that’s completely normal. The small amount of activated charcoal is perfectly safe to consume.

Is it normal that I am flatulent the first days after taking the gut support?

Yeah, that’s completely normal. By reshaping your gut microbiome, temporal flatulence is possible. We recommend that you start with half a scoop at breakfast every day to see how your body reacts to the supplement. If you’re not experiencing any problems*, you can increase the dosage to the recommended dose of 2 scoops after a few days.

From which countries can I order 4Gold?

We are currently shipping to the following countries:

Europe: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal (+ Madeira, Acores), Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain (+ Canary Islands), Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland

North America: Canada, United States

South America: Colombia

Middle East: United Arab Emirates (UEA)

Africa: South Africa

Asia, Australia & New Zealand: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia


We are constantly working to improve international distribution, so check back soon if the country of your destination is not listed.

Which payment methods are available?
Payment Method Short description
PayPal Pay fast and secure with your personal PayPal account.
Credit card  We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Mistercash/Bancontact (Belgium) Pay with the KBC Payment buttom,  
iDEAL (The Netherlands) Safe and easy online payment with your bank account.
Sofort banking SOFORT Banking is available in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland. It works with most consumer banks from these countries.
 Electronic Payment Standard (EPS)  The most common online payment method in Austria.
Giropay Giropay is a popular bank transfer payment method in Germany.
Apple Pay Apple Pay is Apple’s proprietary payment method, available in more than 35 countries for all Apple users.
Can I track the delivery of my order?

After your order has been processed, you will receive an email from PostNL informing you that your package is on its way. This mail contains a track and trace number with which you can track your delivery on www.postnl.be. If the shipment can’t be found, you will need to change the country of destination to receive the status of your package.

Be sure to take a look at the spam, if you don’t immediately find the mail in your mailbox.

Do you have another question/comment?
No problem at all! Use the contact form on this website, call +32 4 78 39 78 74 on working days or send an e-mail to [email protected] with your questions or comments!
How does return work?
As a customer you have the right to return delivered goods within 14 days. However, the return of these items is entirely for the account and risk of the customer. The goods must be returned in their original packaging (including accessories and accompanying documentation) and in the same condition as when they were delivered (the pot must not be opened under any circumstances).

If all goods are in new condition, we will ensure that the full purchase amount without transport costs is refunded within 30 days.

If 4Gold is responsible for the delivery of a faulty product, please contact us at [email protected] or +32 4 78 39 78 74.

For more information look at our general conditions.


How long will it take before I receive my DNA report(s)?

Depending on how busy the DNA lab is, you will receive your reports in roughly 7-8 weeks.

Can I eat before taking the DNA cheek swab?

Preferably do not eat, drink (except water), smoke or chew gum 1 hour prior to taking the cheek swab.

I forgot to register my DNA kit before sending it back. What must I do?

Send us an email at [email protected], and we will try to locate your sample. There are no guarantees that we can find your sample and link it to you with enough certainty. When not 100% sure, you will have to ask for a new DNA sample kit.

Will my DNA change over time?

No! Your DNA is fixed. Only gene expression can change over time. For this reason, the info in your raw genetic data file is still valid after many years. Keep it on hand as new scientific research comes out every day that provides new insights between your DNA data and your physiology.

Will the report tell me if I have a certain gene linked to a disease?

No, it won't. The algorithm that analyses your genetic data only looks at genes involved in the metabolism of nutrients.


What do the green, orange and red arrows mean in the DNA report?

Green means that you have two copies of the normal variant of that specific variation.

Orange means that you have one copy of the normal variant and one copy of the mutated variant or altered variant. Having still one normal copy usually translates into only slightly altered function of that gene.

 A red arrow means that you have two copies of the variant or mutation. This usually translated into a higher impact and alteration of the function of that gene. The specific impact is usually described in more detail in the report. 

I have some orange and red arrows, but my genetic indicator is (almost) green, is this normal?

Yes, this can happen. You cannot look at a single genetic variation to assess the total impact on a biochemical pathway. Sometimes different genetic variations cancel each other out, resulting in a green genetic indicator.

Will my genetic data be stored?

No, your raw genetic data, nor your DNA reports will be stored. Keep them and the email via which they were send saved on a back-upped location. With your raw genetic data file, the DNA reports can easily be re-run.

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