A DNA-based approach

4Gold is one of the first companies worldwide to see the potential in DNA analysis and DNA-based supplementation for optimal performance and health. The creation of an in-house R&D department has led to a advanced DNA analysis and interpretation software and the development of multiple nutrigenomic supplements.

Rigorous Scientific Validation

From genetic experts with international diplomas in nutrigenomics, our own scientific papers, to an intensive collaboration with several Belgian and internationally renowned universities, 4Gold has established itself as a leading player in the rapidly changing nutrigenomic science.

The DNA interpretation is based on more than thousand peer reviewed scientific papers from respectable journals and genetic data from sources like ClinVar*.

The rigorous scientific approach resulted in 3 world class patents in the domain of nutrigenomics.

*ClinVar is an archive of reports of the relationships among human variations and phenotypes, with supporting evidence.

Continuous Improvement

At 4Gold the learning process never stops. The speed of change in the field of genetics and epigenetics is rapidly advancing with new insights on a daily basis. For this reason, the obtained insights and algorithms are continuously tested in accordance with the most recent scientific research and, where necessary, the results will be updated.

State-of-the-art university lab

In order to extract the DNA from saliva and convert it into raw data, we use an external lab connected to a University Hospital. Their process is carefully controlled and validated.
This data is then translated by the 4Gold experts.

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